Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm in Sydney at the moment and the baby is due in less than 2 weeks. I've been running around buying some baby things and borrowing others and I've remembered how much I hate shopping centres.  

Years ago, when I was single and had a disposable income and plenty of time, shopping was sort of fun. It's different now. Shopping means the supermarket, the chemist and K-Mart. I used to love book shops, but have you ever tried browsing with a toddler? I hate the parking and queuing and the music in big shopping centres. I come home exhausted.  

Buying clothes on Lord Howe is much more enjoyable. Lisa Makiiti runs Larrups, a small surf shop in what is jokingly referred to as "the CBD". It's next door to Humpty Micks cafe and opposite the Post Office. 

Lisa is warm and outgoing and has fantastic taste. She sells surfwear and swimmers, but also manages to dress older people (and pregnant women!). She stocks underpants and PJs for people whose bags didn't arrive on the plane. There is always a rack of sale items outside on the verandah. Shopping is quick if you're in a hurry (the joys of limited choice), but there's always time for a chat if you're not. There are no fluorescent lights in the change room and there's a basket of kids toys in the corner.  

Parking is easy - there's always a spot for your bike in the bike rack at the front of the shop.  Shopping heaven!     

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