Monday, March 21, 2011

Adjusting to life with a little sister

It seems I spoke too soon about how well Elsie is adjusting to her new little sister.  Over the last few days there's been screaming, tantrums, throwing things, tears (both Elsie and me) and stubborn refusals to use the potty followed by wees on the floor (just Elsie - promise).   
Before Pixie was born, Elsie was an only child and also an only grandchild - on both sides.  She must have felt like the only child in the world.  When I asked a friend for advice about preparing Elsie for the birth of her brother or sister, he said: "Just imagine how you would feel if Luke came home with a new wife".  Poor Elsie!  It can't be easy.  

Any advice gratefully accepted! 


  1. Just that old chestnut. Time. You'll all get used to it soon enough. Especially when you are all home and into some kind of a 'normal' life. Promise.

  2. My Emily was 3 when Abigail came along and she was very much like Elsie. The best thing I could do was have a lot of one on one time with Emily, while my husband took care of the baby. Things will change and soon they will be the best of friends!


  3. Yes, I have to agree with Jane, time and lots of extra cuddles. My Noa was an only child for 10 years, but even so, she had to adjust when Zoe was born and we moved to a new country with no support system. Give it some time, and patience is one of the things you need now, not easy I know... Take care hon,