Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pxie's voice

It's more than 8 months since my mum, Pixie, died.  Last night when I was feeling sad, I listened to the interview she did with Richard Fidler on ABC Local Radio in September 2009.

The program is called Conversations with Richard Fidler.  It runs for an hour between 11am and midday on the ABC.  You can podcast it too.  It's great radio.  The interviews are intimate and honest and the guests are a real mixture.  There are the usual actors and writers promoting a movie or a book, but the interviews I like best are with ordinary people who tell great stories. 

The stories Pixie tells are the ones I've heard hundreds of times.  It was her job to look after people and make them feel comfortable.  She talked to guests, she bought them drinks, and she told them stories about growing up at Lord Howe, about how she met my dad and about the guests she'd known over the years.      

Her voice is warm and she laughs a lot during the interview.  She speaks well and you can hear a trace of the elocution lessons she had at boarding school.  She wasn't even sick at the time.  In fact, she and Ed were about to head off to Paris for a holiday.  Soon after they returned to the island, she became very jaundiced.  The GP suspected Hepatitis A.  He blamed the stop-over in Hong Kong and sent her immediately to see a specialist in Sydney.  In fact he said he hoped it was Hepatitis A.  It wasn't.    

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  1. LOVE conversations. Will look it up and have a listen - thanks for sharing Dani.