Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Breastfeeding Diet

Have you ever read a section in the Sunday paper called "My Day on a Plate"?  The interviewee writes down exactly what he or she eats and drinks during the day.  The food diary is then reviewed by a nutritionist who offers helpful suggestions about how the interviewee could have a healthier diet.  I'm sure that no one tells the complete truth.  Most of the people interviewed seem to snack on raw almonds and pepitas and drink organic peppermint tea.  None of them eat as many Scotch Finger biscuits as I do. 

I eat healthy meals  - honestly.  It's the things I eat between meals that would horrify the nutritionist (and my dentist).  I'm starving all the time.  I seem to be losing weight too.  Maybe we could start a rival column called "Breastfeeding Day on a Plate".  As well as a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner, I'd have to confess to the following: two pieces of toast and marmalade and a cup of tea (second breakfast); large piece of beautiful pear tart brought by my lovely Auntie Julie and a cup of tea (morning tea); bits of vegemite sandwich, cheese, grapes (helping Elsie eat her lunch); 3 chocolate biscuits and another cup of tea (early afternoon tea); left-over piece of beautiful pear tart (just cleaning up the kitchen); wedge of brie and biscuits (ages since I had brie. Great stuff!); handful of raw almonds (an experiment - not successful); curly pasta, peas and ham (helping Elsie eat her dinner); handful of jelly snakes (energy snack); mini magnum (dessert). 

I would write more, but I'm hungry again.  I think there might be a cold sausage in the fridge...

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  1. This really made me smile. I could just imagine the nutritionist crossing off 3/4 of my list! I do love almonds but I tend to eat the whole bag in one sitting! Thanks for the laughs!