Friday, April 1, 2011

Daylight saving

Daylight saving ends today and our clocks go back an hour at bedtime.  Simple, right?  Not really...  At Lord Howe, the clocks only go back half an hour.  This means that in winter, Lord Howe time is half an hour ahead of Sydney time.  In summer, Lord Howe time is the same as Sydney time.  We're half an hour ahead for half of the year.  Sounds like the classic committee decision, doesn't it?  

The time difference causes endless confusion for visitors.  In summer, the flight time is one hour and fifty minutes.  In winter the time difference means that the flight from Sydney to Lord Howe takes two hours and twenty minutes, but the return flight only takes an hour and twenty minutes.  It's slightly strange to turn on the radio in the morning and listen to the 6:00 news at 6:30.  Especially when the newspapers are often a day or two out of date. 

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  1. It gets me all frazzled every time. I hate it! :-)