Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christmas decorations

My friends have a great tradition at Christmas.  We don't buy each other presents - and we don't buy presents for each other's kids.  Instead, we give small Christmas decorations.  I now have a collection of lovely things to hang on the tree.  My dad has been putting my mail into an Express Post envelope and sending it to me in Sydney.  Today, I received some beautiful red origami stars from my friend Katie. 

On Lord Howe, our letters arrive by plane.  It's a reasonably reliable service - although the mail is the first thing to be offloaded if there's too much weight on the plane.  Any parcels come by ship.  The ship, the MV Island Trader, comes every fortnight from Port Macquarie. 

It's April and Christmas is well and truly over.  I think Katie's decorations were held up somewhere.  But she's much more organised than me - perhaps they are for Christmas 2011? 

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