Friday, April 15, 2011

Where has the week gone?

We’ve been back at Lord Howe for almost a week now.  I knew that coming home was going to be busy, but it’s been out of control.  Most of my time seems to be spent eating things straight out of the fridge, feeding little Pixie, tripping over Elsie’s toys which I really should put away, noticing that the TV remote is covered in breast milk (but not doing anything about it) and emptying the nappy bucket.  The list of things I haven’t done is growing by the minute.      

The community nurse, Karen, came to visit this morning to see how we are getting along.  Karen looks after the little babies and the old people and she’s bright, bubbly and very motherly.  She brought a folder of materials about breastfeeding, sleep and sibling rivalry, but instead we talked about my mum’s death last year.  Karen wasn’t on the Island when my mum died, but she lent me a nursing textbook about palliative care.  It was such a thoughtful thing to do.  We talked about Karen’s two daughters and about birth, babies, happiness, life and death.  We both had a cry. 

One of the best things about living somewhere like Lord Howe is that expert nursing advice comes with free therapy. Karen’s coming to visit again next week.  

Here are some photos of the Lagoon Beach – just perfect today!

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  1. God it is SO beautiful. Good luck settling in x