Monday, April 25, 2011

Easy and difficult

My dad is away from the Island at the moment and his car needs some work.  It’s the sort of thing that would be a bit of a nightmare to arrange if we lived in Sydney.  Dropping some one else’s car to a mechanic requires careful planning when you have a baby, a toddler and two baby seats in the car. 

It’s easy at Lord Howe.  I ran into Duane, the mechanic, and he told me that the parts for the car had arrived.  We arranged that he’d get a lift to Ed’s house, let himself into the garage (it isn’t locked) and take the car.  In the old days, everyone left their car keys in the ignition.  Modern cars beep if you leave the key in the ignition (and after a while, the battery goes flat), so you need to put the key on a string and hang it off the indicator.  Here’s a photo of this handy contraption:

Luke and I ran into Duane again a couple of days later at the beach.  He’d finished the work.  Would we mind dropping into his place and taking the car home?  Too easy! 

There are some things that are really difficult at Lord Howe – like buying a new light globe for my bedside light.  Impossible! 

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