Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing home

Pixie and I came home from hospital yesterday.  As I'm writing this, it's eerily quiet.  Luke is out, Pixie is asleep and Elsie is at the park with her Nanna.  I'm such a lucky girl!  This can't last...

We're planning to be in Sydney with Luke's parents for a few more weeks before returning home to Lord Howe.  Pixie and I both need check-ups before we leave Sydney.  And staying here is fantastic because Nanna and Pa are happy to spend so much time playing with Elsie.  So far, she likes her new little sister (who has given her lots of presents) and she's hardly had any interruption to her normal routine.  This can't last either!

I'm really looking forward to getting home to Lord Howe.  I'd forgotten how stressful Sydney can be.  It's the little things, really.  There's no mobile phone coverage at Lord Howe.  I'd forgotten how intrusive mobiles can be.  Since we've been here, I'm amazed at how much time everyone, including me, spends talking on, texting and playing with their phone.  I'm turning into such a cranky old woman!  The pace at Lord Howe is so relaxed.  A few weeks ago I was driving to work and I passed the policeman.  He had his siren on - the first time I'd ever seen it - but he still waved at me.    

Living at Lord Howe makes it easier for kids to have an old-fashioned childhood.  There's no such thing as "going shopping" when you can only buy the essentials at the shops.  No one has the latest car (or phone, for obvious reasons).  It just isn't that important to keep up with the Joneses.  The birds wake us up in the morning and you can see the stars at night.  We talk about the weather and the waves a lot.  It's so safe that no one locks their doors and they leave the keys in the car.  The kids ride their bikes to school and bare feet are official school uniform. 

Elsie and Pixie aren't going to have the latest iPhone and I really hope it'll be at least a few years before they notice.


  1. I'm just writing to say that your blog has had me absolutely fascinated since I started reading a while back. Lord Howe Island sounds idyllic and your girls are so lucky to have the opportunity to grow up there. Keep it up and congratulations on the new arrival!

  2. Oh wow, your blog is lovely! Lord Howe sounds like such a wonderful place to bring up children, I can't wait to read more! Congrats on the birth of your little girl - I love the name! I'm trying to follow you but am having trouble with my google account - as soon as I get it fixed I'll definitely be a follower!

  3. An old fashioned childhood, oh I so get this!

    We see flashes of it here, but are still close to all the city gloss.

    I want my boys to make dams in the gutter like I did, even at 13. *Sigh*

    Thanks for following my blog.