Sunday, May 22, 2011

She smiles

Before Elsie was born, Luke bought his first and only baby book.  Ever the scientist, he chose Baby Watching by Desmond Morris.  Morris writes about the evolutionary reasons for human behaviour.  In one chapter, he examines a baby’s survival mechanisms.  Human babies are helpless.  New babies can’t walk (like baby antelopes) and can’t hold onto their parents (like baby monkeys).  Their only survival tools are crying, which is hard to ignore and smiling, which keeps the parents nearby.    

Pixie’s growing so fast.  When she was a tiny little baby, I used to wrap her up and put her down to sleep immediately after feeding her and changing her nappy.  It’s impossible to do that now – she keeps smiling at me.  The smiles are just irresistible. 

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  1. Pixie is just gorgeous. I have just been watching you on Kerri-Anne, great interview :)

    Katena x