Monday, May 30, 2011

The Orange Pages

Yesterday I saw the draft 2011 Lord Howe Island phone book.  The phone book is produced by the P&C Association.  It’s orange, about 20 pages long and includes surnames, first names, kids’ names and nicknames.  The phone book is full of illustrations.  The school kids draw pictures of their families and lots of Lord Howe scenes. 

The phone book I’m using at the moment is dated 2009.  It’s hopelessly out of date and my copy is heavily annotated with new listings and numbers.  Since 2009, people have died, babies have been born, there have been marriages and divorces and lots of people have moved house.  If you’re looking for someone’s number, you need a fair bit of local knowledge.  It isn’t a good idea to rely on an out of date phone book.  Once, when visiting the Island a few years ago, I called a friend on the number listed in the phone book and found myself speaking to her ex-husband.  Very awkward! 

I’ll feel like a real local when my listing has a nickname. 

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  1. Hi Dani,
    It's so nice to read all the posts I have missed one after another, the island seems so lovely to live on, thanks for sharing it, have a good long weekend, probably busy with guests?