Thursday, May 19, 2011

Regular exercise and contact with other mums

When I took Pixie to the GP for a check up and her first immunisations, he asked about her feeding patterns, sleep and development.  He seemed happy with her weight, reflexes and level of alertness.  There’s a maternal health checklist too and at the end of it Frank told me sternly that I needed more exercise and contact with other mums.  It seemed like good advice.  I’ve been so busy trying to work and look after the two little girls that exercise and friendships have been neglected. 

So yesterday I walked to Little Island.  It was mid-afternoon and the light was just starting to soften.  There were thousands of providence petrels circling in the sky.  Did you know that you can call them and they circle lower and lower and land at your feet?  It’s a great thing to do with first-time visitors to the Island!  Unfortunately when I came home, Pixie was awake early and screaming, Elsie was also screaming because Luke was holding Pixie and Luke looked like he wanted to scream too. 

Today, I took both little girls to the playgroup in the Anglican Church hall.  There are lots of little kids at Lord Howe – about 30 under the age of five.  Playgroup is a riot.  There were kids painting cockle shells, kids making play dough spaghetti, kids pushing around big trucks and kids (like Elsie) who spent most of the hour and a half hovering near the food.  Chatting with the other mums, catching up on the news and playing with the little kids was just what I needed. 

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  1. Hi Dani - just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog - Lord Howe looks such an amazing place- those 30 playgroup kids are so lucky to be growing up there :)