Saturday, February 25, 2012

As the fashion photographer said to the working mother ...

I read somewhere that mothers who work full-time spend as much time playing with and reading to their kids as stay-at-home mums.  It sounds impossible, doesn’t it?  The researchers discovered that the working mothers found the time by doing less housework and spending less time on their personal grooming.  

By this measure, I think our kids are doing OK.  

I’m not naturally tidy at the best of times.  At the moment, the house is a complete shambles.  There’s rubbish everywhere and this morning I found a cockroach in the cutlery drawer (please don’t tell Luke).  Even though I do the washing, it takes me three days to put it away and it all seems to smell damp.  Little Pixie eats any paper she finds on the floor, vomits and then crawls straight for the bathroom and tries to grab the toilet brush.  (She also stands up, holds onto the bath and turns on the hot tap, but that’s another story).  

A few weeks ago a visiting fashion photographer, Peter Hunt, asked if he could take a photo of me.  I hate having my photo taken – I’m self-conscious, I squint and my face always looks red.  With practice, I’ve learnt to say yes in the interests of promoting Pinetrees.  The photo never seems to make it into the magazine anyway, so it’s really no big deal.  This time, though, Peter said: “But you must have someone do your hair – properly.  Otherwise, just wear a hat”. 


  1. Hi Dani,

    It's lovely to see you through your blog. It's been a while since we were at school together, but I remember so fondly my visit to your home at the end of grade 6.

    You look just the same in your pictures, and you also look really well. I hope taking on the family business has not been too overwhelming.

    I used to keep a blog, but I fell off the wagon a bit. It's over here at if you'd like to have a look see at what I've been up to over the years. It's a bit outdated now though.

    I hope to bring my family for a holiday one day to Pinetrees. It's definitely something worth aiming for!

    Best wishes to you,


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