Monday, February 21, 2011

Two days to go

In two days’ time I’m off to Sydney with Elsie.  Luke will join us in a week or so.  I’ll be almost 37 weeks pregnant and it’s time to get to Sydney in case the baby decides to arrive early. 

There are still a few babies born on the island.  We have a fantastic GP and two wonderful nurses.  The local hospital, Gower Wilson Memorial Hospital, has 2 beds but doesn’t have sufficient staff to have a patient for more than a night.  If someone is seriously ill, an air ambulance is called. 

The last baby born here was Tiara, who’s 3 years old now.  Her mum, Amy, told me that Tiara arrived 5 weeks early.  Her big brother was also 5 weeks early but Amy made it off the island on an air ambulance.  When Amy was pregnant for the third time, she took the precaution of leaving the island 5 weeks early, just in case.  The next baby, Ada, arrived on time.  It cost Amy a small fortune to rent an apartment for herself and her husband and two kids, hire a car and wait around for the baby to arrive! 

I’m not brave enough to have a baby here with limited support if something goes wrong and, even worse, no possibility of an epidural.  Too scary!  We’re very lucky to be able to stay with Luke’s parents in Sydney.  No doubt they will spoil me and give Elsie plenty of attention (and a few treats when I’m not looking). 

When I was pregnant with Elsie, I stopped work at about 37 weeks and had a lovely few weeks resting, going to the movies, setting up the nursery and dreaming about the baby.  This time it’s more like a race.  Work is as busy as ever, Elsie is two and I need to have everything at home set up before I go to Sydney (bassinet, extra car seat, 10 packets of newborn nappies and oh-I-forgot-to-buy-any-breast-pads-last-time-I-was-in-Sydney-and-they-don’t-sell-them-at-Joys-Shop).  I found the little tiny singlets and bodysuits in the top of the wardrobe but I’m still looking for the nursing bras and the old lady underpants for hospital.  They must be here somewhere.  When I get to Sydney, I need to hire or borrow another bassinet and car seat, buy more nappies … oh and think of a name for the baby. 

I really miss my mum at times like this. 

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  1. Best of luck Dani - with all of it! Of COURSE you miss your Mum at times like this, it's just about the most time a girl could. Thinking of you and sending you the best (epidural laden) labour a gal can have x