Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Nappy Saga

I did my first online Woolworths order last week.  The most important thing on the order was three packets of nappies for little Pixie.  Our cargo ship, the Island Trader, has been on the slip and there’s been a five week layover between voyages – so I’m running a bit low on everything.  Especially nappies! 

The ship loads in Port Macquarie on a Wednesday and unloads on Lord Howe on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the tides and how long the voyage takes.  My order was in and confirmed last Thursday.  So imagine my horror when I checked my email last night (after the ship had loaded) to find this: 

Woolworths Out-Of-Stock Notification
We are temporarily out of stock of the following items from your order.
Unit price
Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies Infant Girl Convenience 32pk

The refund amount for the Out-Of-Stock product(s) is $45.12 and will be credited to your Woolworths account and will be automatically deducted from your next order.

Has Woollies really run out of nappies?  That sounds sort of serious.  What is Grant O’Brien [new Woollies CEO] doing?  And couldn’t they have told me about it 6 days ago so that I could order them from someone else?  Help! 

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  1. This is one of the most suspenseful blog posts I've ever read.

    If I was in that position, I'd be very stressed!