Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wet, windy and wild

We’ve had some wild weather this week - about 8 inches of rain over a couple of days.  It was so wet that the airport was closed on Thursday. The airport road closed on Thursday too and hasn’t yet re-opened. 

The airport road is between home and Pinetrees so, obviously, I’ve been stuck at home, right?  Wrong!  I’ve been driving to work as normal.  People often say that Lord Howe Islanders have a “healthy disrespect for authority”.  It’s a nice way of saying that we completely ignore rules.  The LHI Board workers are probably the worst.  Although they’re responsible for the road and made the decision to close it, they were the first ones to drive around the "road closed" sign, tearing up the grass in the process.  One of them told me: “Off you go, Dani.  Just stay in the middle of the road.  You’ll be right”. 

Here’s a photo of the “road closed” sign.  Great sign, very official-looking!  Hang on, what’s happened to the grass on the right? 

Here’s the Somerset bus getting stuck in the water.  That’s happened two days in a row. 

 Wait a minute; here comes a bus tour…  


  1. wow, it's amazing seeing the water over the road there - I remember driving, walking and cycling along that very spot. How long 'till it "re-opens"?

  2. Wow! Hey, this is a great blog, thanks!